Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant

Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant:

This power plant is located in burke country, near Augusta, Georgia. During construction, vogtle's costs rose from a $660 million estimate to $8.87 billion providing more job opportunities.

A mile away from liberty inn is burke country museum. Step back in time the moment you enter the door, for the burke country museum is itself a part of history. the one time residence was built about 1858 and for many years was known as the Roberts home.

It retains the distinctive architecture of its period (Georgian cottage), thanks to renovation efforts accomplished in 1970under the auspices of the Georgia historical commission.

Burke country museum

Burke country museum
Magnolia springs state park

Magnolia springs state park:

16 miles away from liberty inn magnolia springs state park magnolia springs state park is known for its crystal-clear springs flowing 7 to 9 million gallons of water per day & the beautiful boardwalk which spans the cool water.
During warmer months, visitors may see for alligators, turtles & other wildlife near the springs. A28-acre Lake with accessible dock for fishing & boating. Numerous picnic shelters & tables are perfect locations for family reunions & birthday parties.